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Training & Workshops

We are proud to run a range of workshops and training sessions.  We work with schools, community groups, small parent groups and not for profit organisations and our sessions are always bespoke to their needs and interactive.

Sessions we have run in the past include:


  • Volunteer training (not for profit organisations)

  • Care Plan and Behaviour Management Plan Training (staff in organisations working with children or vulnerable clients)

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Health education workshops ( information relating to a particular condition or illness)

  • Child Development

  • Anaphylaxis training for staff in a kindergarden


When approached to run something we first work to understand the aims of the event and the audience we will be speaking to.  We then endeavour to pick scenarios that will appeal to the widest range of the target audience in order that everyone feels included and involved.

We combine medical knowledge with up to date research in all areas of child health and development in order to present well researched and inspiring sessions.  Our aim is that every participant will learn something and will leave feeling empowered that they have been given additional tools.

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