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Parent Education

Being a parent is an entirely overwhelming, 24 hour a day job for which we are given little training.  Everyone attends antenatal classes and has a birth plan for how to have a child but we aren’t given the same hands on support for when children at any age cause concern.


The world we live in has more pressures than ever before and children face new and different dangers than in previous times.  That means that being a parent is more difficult now than it has ever been.  There is often a sense of feeling that we are not up to the task and aren’t coping the way others seem to be.


Whilst there are many books with strategies, at Kids on Track we believe in treating each child as an individual and we understand that what worked for one of your children may not work for their sibling.  We help you to gain the confidence to be able to effectively parent and to navigate through the trials you may sometimes face.


Some of our clients come to us for help on one specific issue such as sleeping, weaning, boundary setting or discipline and in each instance we work with the family to strategise the best and most appropriate style in which to move forward. The key is often to understand the behaviour better and we do this by explaining the triggers for it.


We are also very proud of our parenting workshops which we run for community groups, schools and not for profit organisations.


We would be thrilled to hear from you on any issue of parenting and help to advise the best way forward.

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