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Toilet Training

We have all heard the legends of the wonder children who were fully potty trained at 11 months! However the reality is that every child is different and is ready for toilet training in their own time usually by the age of 3.  Often parents can become concerned if

  • Their child seems to be having frequent accidents during the day when they are 3 – 4

  • Their school age child appears to have incontinence at night

  • Their child has no interest in using the potty at all

  • Every time the problem seems to be sorted, it happens again


Childhood incontinence is rarely a cause for concern but at Kids on Track we understand that it is unpleasant and can be embarrassing both for the parents and the child.  There can be many factors that can exacerbate the problem and we start by trying to look at what those may be for your child.  It is often difficult to notice patterns when it just feels like it is happening on an hourly or daily basis!  By working first during the assessment to try and be sure all medical causes have been eliminated,  we then work to identify the triggers for your child and help you to find a

consistent approach that  you are able to incorporate into your life. 


We hope to have given you the tools to fix this problem within 3-4 sessions.

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