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Can you remember the last time your child and therefore you slept through the night?  Has something recently disrupted their sleeping pattern, meaning they are no longer able to settle as effectively and sleep as peacefully?

Whether tiny babies, toddlers or teenagers, children not sleeping properly for any reason at any stage of the night can wreak havoc with the ongoing sleep patterns of the whole household. This in turn can impact the concentration and productivity of everybody affected.  No one functions well when they are tired! 


Reasons for poor sleep patterns can include:

  • processing issues

  • anxiety

  • diet 

  • inappropriate bedtime routine

  • the sleep environment. 


However, no matter what the reason, once it has been identified, the solutions to improve and manage the problem can be relatively simple.


At Kids on Track we carry out an initial assessment which begins to ask questions that will help to identify the cause/s of the problem. A sleep diary can also be a useful tool in this process. 


The solution for each issue is different and we work on finding strategies that fit in with your family’s lifestyle within 3 sessions after the initial assessment.


We look forward to helping you find the tools to a better and more peaceful nights’ sleep.

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