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Special Needs Assessments

Any parent who has a child with an additional need or disability can relate to the feeling of frustration when they don’t understand if a child’s challenging behaviours are a normal part of the condition or something that needs to be dealt with.


At Kids on Track we aim to work with you to better understand your child’s condition and therefore behaviour.  By talking to you in our initial assessment we try to ascertain  what is triggering the behaviours that are causing you concern.  It is common for children with additional needs to have :

  •  increased levels of anxiety

  • processing problems

  • sleep disruption

  • difficulty dealing with changes in structure. 


This in turn can lead to their behaviour in school and at home being upset, with tantrums, repetitive behaviours, violence or difficulty concentrating often being reported by parents.

We work with you to find strategies to tackle the challenging behaviours that your child is able to understand and relate to.  Every child and family is different and we try to find ways that are tailor made for you! Whether for an assessment or to discuss a behaviour that is causing you concern – we look forward to working with you.

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