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Thinking About Going Back to School?

As the school holidays in Australia reach over the halfway point and the new school year beckons, parents start to focus some attention to what needs to be put in place before school returns. That includes the shopping trips for uniform, stationary and lunchboxes as well as the practical aspects of managing childcare if you are working full time. For many of the families we see, there is also a sense of relief that it will be easier to manage a predictable routine once school and extra curricular activities start again. For the children in these families however, it can be a HUGE adjustment to go from the relaxation of “holiday mode” when there are less expectations placed on them back to


The run up to school holidays is always a difficult time when it comes to enforcing boundaries. As children reach the end of a school year or term, the pressure often decreases slightly in terms of expectations as everyone ( including teachers) begins to relax and the count down begins to the freedom that the holiday will bring! We are seeing the knock on effect at home with lots of clients getting in touch to say that they are struggling with their children’s behaviour or that their children rather than them seem to be in complete control! We try to work with each family to give them strategies that are specific to their homes and lives but here are Kids on Track’s top tips to getting som