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How to make it through the night ( when your child is waking you up)!

This week I flew back to Australia from the UK and I discovered that there is nothing worse than being wide awake when everyone else is sleeping and being woken by changes in the environment that don't seem to bother anyone else! Many of the parents we see who have children with sleep disruption who are over the age of 2 and so there is no obvious physiological reason why these children can't sleep through the night. From a behaviour perspective though there are a variety of things to consider. The first is whether the child concerned is actually a light sleeper. If the answer is yes, they may actually be woken by anything. Common examples would include a noise outside due to bad weather

Surviving School Holidays

It's that time of year again! Children worldwide are on holidays for the Easter break and many parents are wondering how to manage the juggle! With children around more, there are lots of things that we hear families worry about - the change in routine, the settling back into school at the end; the lack of structure and therefore too many hours of screen time and of course managing to fit in all of the adult's regular commitments to work or other things. This blog aims to offer 5 easy and practical ways to make these holidays more enjoyable - we hope it helps you. 1) MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY WHERE YOU CAN: Whilst everything in the day is different as there is no school or regular day program