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Surviving Separation Anxiety

This week my sister and her husband went away over the weekend for work marking the first time that she had left all of her children at my parents house. A house which they know, love and feel comfortable in. And yet, the situation left everyone feeling that something was missing. The anxiety that comes from not being around the people and things that ground us is known as separation anxiety and can affect anyone from the youngest baby to grown adults! It can manifest itself at sleep time, school drop off time, bath time and even during homework. But whilst many people are aware that separation anxiety exists and is real, there is much conflicting advice on how to handle it and help child

Screen Time and Sleep

There is no doubt that we are more reliant on screens than ever before. They are our source of connection to the world; current affairs; entertainment and even relaxation. However a study published this week by JAMA paediatrics found that when it comes to teenagers, use of portable devices such as phones; IPADS and laptops too close to bedtime is having a negative impact on their sleep patterns. Their research suggests that not only were these young people having disrupted sleep at night but were also reporting feeling more tired and less able to concentrate during the day. As parents, this is a real 21st century challenge and it presents us with a question. With screens being such an im