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Potty Training vs Toilet Training

With term 4 on the horizon in Australia, at Kids on Track, we know that our busiest time is coming with regard to toilet training. One of the first questions parents ask is whether it is better to train their child using the toilet or a potty. Our response depends on the child's personality and what they are struggling with but there are certain guiding principles that can help to inform your decision. Here are the top 5 reasons to go with each method. We hope it helps you figure out what will work best for your child: THE POTTY 1) You can take it wherever you go and you can bring it to your child whilst they are playing. It will look the same every time and be familiar for them when the

Fussy Eaters in the Family

A study published last week by the National Academy of Sciences claims that babies and children as young as 1 learn eating habits from what they see happening during mealtimes when they are in their highchair. This includes associations with which foods taste good as well as the patterns for the eating habits of the immediate family. According to this study, the youngest of children can develop negative eating habits based on what they see around them. The last few weeks at Kids on Track, fussy eating and how to best manage it has been the order of the day. It seems that this issue is affecting children of all ages, abilities and for different reasons and the stress it places on families