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Chill Out!

We live in a world where the pressure on us is immense. From the time we wake up until we fall asleep at night, there are constant demands on our time, resources, bodies and brains. In fact, many of us don't truly relax until we are on holiday and even then we have our phones. The truth is though without regular recharging, our batteries will start to go flat and we all, children, teenagers and even adults won't be able to function at our best . This is turn affects our attitudes, relationships, work and if prolonged, at times our health. This applies from the youngest of children as soon as they are at childcare and only worsens once after school activities, homework and exams are added to

Fun Family Fitness

Growing up, the Olympics was never a major feature in my life. I was never particularly sporty or athletic at school and I only enjoyed the sports that I was good at! But in the last week since the Rio Olympics began I have been fascinated to see creche's running art activities related to the Olympics; a constant commentary on the radio and the daily news I read being almost 75% based on the Olympics results and comments about the athletes. In thinking about why, I realised that the Olympics provides a reminder to everyone that the type of sport you do doesn't matter but that getting moving does. The rates of childhood obesity are higher than ever in history and many studies link this to