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Angry All The Time

The world seems to be an angry place these days. A tremendous amount of our consultations in the last couple of weeks have been with parents who are trying to deal with their child's anger and/or physical aggression. Being angry is a normal human emotion but it can become problematic when that anger isn't channelled into something positive and is allowed to fester. No matter how old we are, there are times when it is all just too much and we lash out. This may be verbal, it may be bursting into tears or shutting down completely but when our brains are at saturation point, negative emotions are generally what the world sees of us. In toddlers, children and teenagers a similar logic applie

Stop The Spread

What a week it has been! Almost every client we have seen has been dealing with a child home from school or daycare with colds; gastro or viruses. In nearly every case this infection manages to make its' rounds of the entire family. In fact, as one parent mentioned to me " when one of my kids comes home sick, I know that I need to block a week off work." Those sentiments will ring true for many parents and the aim of this week's blog is to empower all parents to employ simple methods of infection control within their homes to try and ensure that whatever germs come into the house stay contained. Here is our easy to follow, practical guide which we hope will be easy to implement and help

A Change is Gonna Come.....

The last couple of weeks have seen us inundated with clients whose children ranging in age from 3 to 16 are presenting with aggressive, uncooperative or regressing behaviour. The common thread has been that a change has recently occurred or is about to happen in their lives. This change could be as simple as a new class teacher or as profound as moving countries but there is no question that change affects children even if on the surface they appear to be coping very well. To help parents through the changes in their child's life, here are 5 tips that may help calm your children's anxieties during this time. 1) CREATE CONSISTENCY WHERE YOU CAN: No matter what is happening in your family's