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Fighting Fevers

One of the most common childhood health complaints we hear from parents is that of fevers - other wise known as high temperatures. There is much conflicting information about what to do when they occur and if it is a cause for concern. Whilst often harmless to the affected child, they can be a concern for parents and caregivers. Here are some ideas to help you be more prepared when it happens to your child. WHAT IS A FEVER? Every person's body has an internal thermostat within the brain called the hypothalamus which is responsible for regulating our body temperature and keeping it around 36.5/37 degrees Celsius / 98.5 - 99 degrees Faranheit. When there is inflamation within the body, most

Careful - There's A Car

In recent weeks, we have had lots of questions from clients about how to make their children more aware of the dangers on the road and in places like car parks. Living on a road with 3 schools, I see the lollipop man twice daily at set times, but when he isn't there, how can it be ensured that children cross the road safely and understand the potential dangers. This blog contains some top tips to help you to be vigilant with children of all ages when it comes to road safety. Children are natural explorers and that means that it is important to set boundaries around where they can or can't venture both at home and when you are out. Exploring in a place they shouldn't can easily lead to ter