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A bit about Biting

Now that this school term is well underway, many of our calls in the last few weeks have been from parents concerned that their child is exhibiting behaviours that are concerning creche, Kindergarten and of course the parents once they are made aware. A very common behaviour we are asked about is biting. Biting is a very normal exploratory phase for most children but for some if they are biting more regularly, it can be distressing for all concerned. This week's blog aims to shed some light on this behaviour. WHY DOES MY CHILD BITE? For most children aged between 0 and 3; biting is a natural continuation of exploration with their mouths. Whether toys, food or fingers; they are just explor

Coping with Constipation

For many of our clients, the side effect of toilet training has been to have their children especially little boys, hold on to their poo and in some cases become very constipated! If this sounds like a battle you are fighting then here is some information that may help you weather the storm! WHAT IS CONSTIPATION?: Constipation is generally defined in one of two ways. The first is when the regularity of bowel movements decreases. In children however, this can be confusing as this naturally occurs with age and " normal " toilet habits vary from child to child. However, 90% of children will go every other day at least. The second definition is when the poo produced is hard and possibly ca

Beginning with Breakfast

This week a new study was published by the nursing school of Pennsylvania looking at the effects throughout the day and throughout childhood of differing kinds of breakfast. Unsurprisingly, the study showed what all our parents told us to be true that breakfast is indeed " the most important meal of the day!" In reality though, for many parents and children, the mornings are already pressured and time is tight. Breakfast is often eaten quickly, with one foot out the door, in the car on the way to school or possibly in the case of 1/4 of Australian children, not at all! This week's blog aims to provide some information about breakfast and the role that it plays as well as some meal ideas