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Back to School

Wherever you are based in the world, January sees children going back to school and day care following a few weeks off. Already, Kids on Track is speaking to parents whose children are exhibiting signs of anxiety about the new term ahead. Be it being more clingy, sleep disruption or regression in toilet training - what can parents do to help ease the transition back to school? Here are a few ideas that we have seen work really well - we hope that they can help you too! A GRADUAL TRANSITION : It is important for children of all ages that they are aware of when they will be going back to school or daycare. Expecting them to be droppped off in the morning with no warning this was coming can

Sleeping in Summer

Having recently arrived back in Australia from overseas, I spent much of last night awake with jet lag. One of the reasons I struggled to get back to sleep was the heat and with weather forecasts predicting temperatures in Australia to continue running high this Summer, it occured to me that I may not be the only one! Heat can cause our sleep to be disrupted as it is taking longer to fall asleep and also due to waking up during the night thirsty or just uncomfortable. It is common not only for adults but for children too. If we as adults are struggling to keep cool at night, what can we do to help the little ones in our care. When it comes to body temperatures, we need to be hyper vigilan