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Happy New Year

'Tis the season where people are thinking through hopes, dreams and what they hope to change in the year ahead. For many of our clients, very small changes can make huge differences to the mood of the home and the dynamics within their family. Whilst new year's resolutions are often associated with adults and vary from quitting smoking to not shouting as often at the kids, one thing that many have in common is the idea of being able to change something to make a positive impact on someone's life. Whilst on holiday the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about what suggestions I would make as New Year's resolutions to create a calmer, healthier and more bonded family. Whilst this li

Caring for Conjuctivitis

This week whilst the whole world is gearing up for school to finish and holiday season, we have heard of a few clients with conjuctivitis. This extremely common eye condition of early childhoold can be highly infectious and with school holidays and play dates on the horizon this week's blog is dedicated to spotting, managing and understanding conjuctivitis. WHAT IS CONJUCTIVITIS ? : Conjuctivitis is the inflammation of the conjuctiva which is the membrane that covers the front of the eye. This inflammation can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection or by an allergic reaction. HOW DOES SOMEONE GET CONJUCTIVITIS? : Allergic conjuctivitis is caused by coming into contact with an allergen

Should Mealtimes Be All About Food?

The university of Illinois this week published a study claiming that children who eat meals whilst their parents are distracted by other things have a higher chance of eating less healthy food and there are links to childhood obesity. The study goes on to highlight the benefits of family dining on everyone in the family - both the adults and the children. A common complaint we hear from parents is regarding children who are struggling to stay at the table during a meal and so here are some ideas for making dinner time less distracting and more cohesive for all concerned: 1) HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS : If everyone in your home is on different schedules, you are unlikely to be able to have