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Heads Up!

Any parent knows how upsetting and worrying a bump on the head or more serious head injury can be. Even after a child has been checked by a doctor, you have to watch closely for 72 hours for the signs of concussion. This is why at Kids on Track, we read with great excitment a couple of weeks ago that a blood test which is 94% effective at detecting concussion in children should be available within the next 5 years. For anyone who doesn't want to wait that long - here are some clues to being smart about head injuries. A concussion is a mild brain injury which alters someone's ability to function normally following a bump / knock to the head. 2. The brain is encased within the skull and so an

Handling the Heat

The weather in Melbourne has certainly heated up in the last couple of days and with it, parents have been asking about how to keep their kids cool and safe in the increasing heat. Other parents have asked about exotic holidays coming up in hot climates. Here is Kids on Track's quick reference guide SUN EXPOSURE - The sun is a source of Vitamin D and therefore needed by everyone in order that their bodies can absorb calcium. Most of our lifetime exposure occurs before age 18 which is why we need to be so aware that our children need some sun but safely. Babies under the age of 6 months are an exception as they do not produce melanin, the pigment in our bodies that allows us to tan and the

Good Morning Mummy and daddy - Is it time to get up yet?

While childrens' sleep concerns come in all shapes and sizes, few cause as much disruption to parents as the early risers - (any time from 4am) who are raring to go! Invariably the cause of the problem lies elsewhere in the sleep pattern. Although toddlers are recommended 12 hours sleep per night, they won't have more which means that if you want them to sleep until 7am, don't put them to bed before 7pm. Daytime sleeps play their part as well. Too much or too little and by bedtime your little one is sleep deprived or has slept too much and they will struggle to sleep through the night. Whilst each family dynamic is different as is each child's sleep pattern, we have heard this problem a

The TAG team of common surgeries for children

Over the last couple of weeks we have taken several calls from parents asking questions about one of 3 surgeries that are recommended on a relatively regular basis for children. One is a tosillectomy (removal of tonsils), one an andenoidectomy ( removal of adenoids) and the 3rd is grommets. Here is Kids on Track's guide to the main things you need to know. TONSILLECTOMY : There are 2 tonsils which are small collections of tissue at the back of the throat. They are there as part of the early warnning system for infections however, in instances where they are particularly large or are becoming infected regularly, a doctor may suggest they are removed. These recurrent infections are known a