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Nightmares vs Night Terrors

When a child suddenly becomes scared to go to sleep at night, parents naturally wonder what is causing it. There are 2 totally different but equally scary nocturnal phenomenons commonly seen in children and here we help you understand the difference. NIGHTMARES WHAT ARE THEY? These are bad dreams that can leave children feeling scared or distressed. They consist of images that represent real (someone dying) or imagined (monsters under the bed) dangers and fears. WHY DO THEY OCCUR? Nightmares are most often seen in people who have good imaginations! If they are recurrent they may be symptomatic of a stressor in the child's environment that they are unable to cope with. It is the brains way

Tear free Toilet Training!

With term 4 in Australian schools well under way, the pressure to ensure your child is toilet trained and ready for Kinder at the start of 2016 is immense for some parents. Our appointment books and information nights at the moment are showing that this is something high on the priority list of many families. Therefore this week's blog is dedicated to toilet training.. whether we have just described your situation or not - these tips can hopefully help any parents to navigate the minefield that is toilet training! Here are a few things to bear in mind: BEING TOILET TRAINED IS A SKILL - As it comes naturally for most of us, we don't think of it as such but before transitioning your child f

Fasten your seatbelts - How to avoid a bumpy ride!

In my travels over the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded of the good, bad and the ugly of travelling with children both big and small! We are often asked at Kids on Track about pitfalls of long travel of all varieties and so here is our guide to stress free travel with your children from babies to teenagers: 1) Involve them: Treat the journey as part of the adventure of the holiday. Tell them what is expected. Let them pack their own bag for the journey and supervise or allow them to be responsible as appropriate - that way you can't be blamed for forgetting to bring their favourite.... Make sure at the same time they understand exactly what is going to happen. If you are travell