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Tackling Toddler Tantrums - Part 2

The purpose of last week's blog was to hopefully allow parents to better understand toddler tantrums and what is causing them in order that they can feel more in tune with their child! This week is looking at the next step - once there is a tantrum - what can I do? This hopefully can help parents feel more in control. Here are 5 top tips: Identify Triggers – a tantrum does not happen in a vacuum and is most often a response to something within their environment. If you have a child who is having regular tantrums it is worth keeping a diary and starting to identify the triggers for your child. Prepare your child for being able to handle certain situations - If you know how to recognise the

Tackling Toddler Tantrums Part 1

Every stage of childhood and adolescence has it's pros and cons - the parts that are easier to handle and the parts that leave every parent wondering what they have done wrong! When it comes to toddlers - there is no question that tantrums are something that many parents dread and can struggle to handle especially if your child is in a phase of loving the word no and exerting their independence - this is often coined " The Terrible Twos". The word toddler actually can be used developmentally to define a child anytime from when they are walking properly until the age of 4. Following a successful parent information night recently on tantrums here is Kids On Track's quick guide to tantrums Pa

Perfect Parenting

There have been 2 different studies and a documentary in the last week focused on defining the perfect parent and asking parents and children for the strengths and weaknesses of their parents. At Kids On Track we navigate parents through a myriad of parenting situations and have seen that there is no one size fits all model of parenting! And still.... over 40 % of parents feel a pressure to be " perfect" and compare themselves to their peers. Here is our guide to the core ingredients of good parenting that can help all parents acheive the best they can for their circumstances: 1) LOVE - Their is no greater gift you can give your child than unconditional love - that doesn't mean you have t

Reflux Remedies

In the last couple of weeks we have been asked several times about how to handle babies suffering from reflux. Here is Kids on Track's guide to all you need to know about reflux: WHAT IS IT AND WHY IS IT HAPPENING TO MY CHILD? Reflux literally means flow back or return and means that the contents of the stomach flow the wrong way during the digestive process. As babies, the control of the sphincter muscle is poor which means that many newborns and infants will have some episodes of "spitting - up" There is also a form of reflux known as silent reflux where spitting up may not be the main symptom but rather, crying after feeds, being unsettled or grimacing in pain. Both forms are due to po

Hi Food... Nice to meet you

Chatting with a friend of mine about her baby starting solids this week, reminded me of all the confusion we often hear from parents at the beginning of that stage or considering starting introducing solids to their baby. Sometimes, it is an easy transition and other times there are some false starts. Here are a few frequently asked questions answered: HOW DO I KNOW IF MY CHILD IS READY? In order for a baby to be developmentally ready, they have to have enough head control to make sure that they will not choke! A good sign of this is if they can sit up supported. Other signs of readiness include: If suddenly their sleep is becoming disrupted, they are wanting to feed more often, putting th