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Our First on Facebook

Launching Kids On Track on facebook this week has brought to the front of our minds the questions we are regularly by parents of teenagers that we are consulting with or during parenting workshops workshops. In the world we live in with the dependence on technology, we find that it is almost impossible to not have questions in these settings relating to online safety. For this week's blog, we are sharing our top 5 tips to navigating these concerns: 1) Before your child has an online prescence ( facebook, twitter, instagram, even email) make sure you have chatted to them about internet safety and what is and is not appropriate to share. At the same time, you should ensure that any shared c

Can a Rabbit Really Put your child to sleep?

Topping the bestseller list on amazon this week is a book entitled " The Rabbit who wants to Fall Asleep." Developed by a behavioural scientist and a linguist, reviews are describing it as revolutionising children's bedtimes. At Kids on Track a huge percentage of our practice deals with sleep disturbances! Whilst it may not be the problem we are originally contacted for - so much relating to children's behaviour and routines starts with a good and regular sleeping pattern. Here are 5 considerations to bear in mind when dealing with a child who is struggling with sleep: 1) Have you kept a sleep diary? - are they waking up at a consistent time during the night? Is their sleep better after c

The Dummy Debate

There is nothing more likely to catapault an issue of child development or behaviour techniques into the news than for a celebrity's child to shine a light onto it. This week Harper Beckham using a dummy aged 4 has ignited a heated debate across the globe on the pros and cons of dummies. There is no question that dummies can help to calm or comfort a child and be their transitional object during uncertain times. However the opposite school of thought will say that sucking a dummy once teeth are appearing and speech is starting to develop (after approximately aged 1) can be detrimental to these processes. At Kids on Track we understand that children of all ages need a comforter and have s