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Behaviour Management

Many parents spend much time worrying about their children’s behaviour.  Their concerns can range from wondering if something is normal to realising that their child has a tendency to act in a particular way that they don’t feel comfortable to manage.


These behaviours can manifest at home, at school, with friends and can cause tremendous disruption to the lives of the child, parents, siblings and anyone with whom the child is in close contact.


At times, Kids on Track is asked by the school to help with management strategies and other times by the parents.  Either way, we will conduct an initial assessment by the end of which we will start to suggest strategies for a consistent behaviour plan that can be applied to any situation in which your child may find themselves.


Some common behaviours we are asked to consult on include:


  • Sleep disruption

  • Tantrums

  • Fussy eating

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Hitting/ biting/scratching

  • Toileting accidents

  • Boundary setting

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