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About Kids on Track

At Kids on Track we view every child as an individual.  We were established by paediatric nurse Ariella Lew in 2012.  She felt passionate about the need for a tailor made, home based support service for families and care givers.  Her work in both hospital and community settings convinced her that there was a gap in the market and a need for additional input.   This idea was the basis for Kids on Track Paediatric Consultancy.  We aim to be an educating, empowering and crisis management solution for parents , schools, not for profit organisations, and community groups.


We are happy consulting with anyone, anywhere who feels they could benefit from structured advice relevant to a particular issue of concern relating to children and/or young adults.  Our aim is to help those feeling unsupported and confused by all the conflicting advice readily available in this area whether from books, well  meaning friends and family or health professionals. We never judge anyone for asking “ is this normal” or “ how do I fix it?”


We understand that sometimes parents and carers feel alone and do not know where to turn. We hope to be an empathetic and encouraging ear as you navigate whichever hurdle you may be facing.  We pride ourselves on using up to date research combined with a holistic health orientated approach.  In 3-4 sessions in your own home or via phone or skype consultations our goal is to supply you with the tools needed to manage the behaviour/s that are causing you concern.  All of our strategies are simple and straightforward to implement. 


We can also apply this research and methodology  to any training session or workshop that may be required.


Our website showcases many of our areas of expertise.  Feel free to contact us if there is something you don’t see here but think we could help you with!


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the way that suits you and your needs best.


Happy Reading!


Ariella Lew



ph: 0416 612 676

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